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Kolayat Lake Bikaner Rajasthan

Kolayat Lake Bikaner
Kolayat Lake Bikaner 

Lake Kolayat “Beautiful Garden of Rajasthan" Located in Bikaner, Rajasthan, about 52 kilometers away from the district headquarter of Kolayat, the town is named after the lake, whose name is Kolayat. Both roads and railroads can be used to reach Kolayat. It is a lake of sweet water, it is considered sacred to go to Kolayat Lake. Therefore, people are known to come here. There are many ghats along the banks of this lake, and all four and peepal trees are engaged in which the atmosphere is more beautiful and Make delectable.

Kolayat Bikaner

Due to the Kapil Muni's ashram on the banks of this lake, this place is also called as Sundar Maru Garden of Rajasthan. Kapil Muni was the inspiration of Sankhya Darshan, Kolayat Kapil Muni's Taposhathi. The origin of the Kolayat lake Kapil Muni has for the liberation of his mother is a pylon near the lake which has 12 pagodas in which deep is burnt in the lake.

Kolayat Lake

This year, the fair is organized every year in the full moon (November month) of Kartik month, in which a large number of people come in. The main attraction of the animal fair is fair.

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