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Karni Mata Temple Deshnok Bikaner

Karni Mata Mandir
Karni Mata photo
Ma Karni Temple is located in Deshnok, about 30km from Bikaner in Rajasthan; it is a temple which we can call the temple of rats as you will always see the fun of rats on this. There are thousands of black and white colours in the temple of Mother the mice inhabit which is called Kaba
“For the Deshnok Temple can be visited by the bus and rail from Bikaner”

The idea of excessive mice can be estimated from the fact that to reach the main statue inside the temple you will have to go dragging your feet. Because if you lift your feet, you may come under it and the rat may be injured, which is considered inauspicious.

Famous mouse temple of Rajasthan

Karni Mata Temple

"It is believed that if the white rat is seen in the temple then your wish is fulfilled"

Karni Mata Mandir
Karni Mata photo
The devotees who come in the Temple get the masked offerings of rats only. and the surprising thing is that even after having so many mice, there is no mess in the temple and there is no smell, and till date, no disease spread. Even the devotees did not get sick due to eating rats falsely.
One of the mice of this temple is that during the morning and evening rituals in the temple most of the mice come out of their bills. And most of the crew

करणी माता मंदिर

According to folk songs, there is a different story of rats, according to which once the army of 20000 soldiers came to attack the country, the mother of Karani mother made mice from her glory and kept her in service.

"Karani Mata, the devotee considers Jagodamba an avatar."

Karni Mata Mandir

Karni Mata Mandir
Karni Mata photo

Karni Mata Katha

Karani Mata was born in 1387 in a Charna family. His childhood name was Raghubai. Raghubai was married to Kipoji Charna of Bhatika village, but after a few years of marriage, her mind got bored with worldly life. Due to this, Raghubai married Kiploji with her little sister Gulab and placed herself in the service of the mother and devotion of the people. Due to public welfare, supernatural work and miraculous powers, Ridgway is worshipped by local people in the name of Karani Mata.

Karni Mata Deshnok

It is believed that Karani Mata lived for nearly 150 years. At present, where this temple is situated, Karahi mother worshipped her goddess in a cave on there. This cave is still located in the temple premises.

It is said that Karani Mata was Jyotirlinga in the year 1538. After being their Jyotirlinga, the devotees started worshipping him by establishing his idol, which has continued continuing since then.

How to Reach Karni Mata Temple

Near Railway Station: Deshnok 1KM
Near Airport: Nal, Bikaner 50KM

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