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Seven Wonders Park kota Rajasthan

The historic Kota city of Rajasthan on the banks of the Chambal river has become a new identity from the Seven Wonders Park of the world. Due to the beautiful location of the park, it has now attracted the attention of more filmmakers.The film "Badrinath Ki Dulhania" was shot in the park which became very wonders Park, a unique park where the seven wonders of the world replicate with beauty in one place.The development of this wonderful tourist destination in Kota is a form of the imagination of former Minister Shanti Kumar Dhariwal. By the evening, this park is populated by visitors. The park has lush green lawns and beautiful circuits for walking.Colosseum RomeColosseum RomeUpon entering the park, one sees

Mukundra Hills Kota Rajasthan

Darrah Wildlife SanctuaryMukundra Hills Tiger Reserve Mukunda Hills or Pass Sanctuary was declared a Tiger Reserve on April 9, 2013. It is located on Kota-Jhalawar road, 50 km away from Kota district of Rajasthan state. It spreads in about 760 sq km of four districts in Kota, Bundi, Jhalawar and Chittorgarh. About 417 square kilometers of core and 342 square km buffer zone. It includes some part of the Mukundra National Park, the reserve sanctuary, the Jawahar Sagar and the Chambal Burke Wildlife Sanctuary.Mukundra Hills Pational ParkThere is a natural forest area more than one for the habitat and populations of tigers in the country,Of which Mukunda Hills Tiger Reserve is an important place for tigers and wild animals ... hundreds