Bagore Ki Haveli Udaipur (2024)

Bagore Ki Haveli is located in the Udaipur district of Rajasthan state of India. This mansion is situated on the right side of Gangori Gate of Pichola Lake. Bagor Ki Haveli was constructed by Mewar minister Shri Amarchand Badwa between 1751 and 1778. The entrance gate of Bagor Ki Haveli. It is said to be triple-arched. This gateway was built by Maharaja Shakti Singh of Bagor in 1878.

After the death of Amarchand Badwa, Bagor Ki Haveli was used as the residence of Nath Singh, a relative of Bagor Maharaj. Since 1947, the Rajasthan government used Bagor Ki Haveli for government employees. In 1986, Bagor Ki Haveli was made the headquarters of the West Zone Cultural Centre. Gaya is currently under the authority of the Bagor Ki Haveli Public Works Department.

bagore ki haveli

About Bagore Ki Haveli

Bagor Ki Haveli is the main tourist destination of Udaipur. Bagor Ki Haveli has 138 rooms.
Glass work has been done in this mansion and frescoes have been preserved. There are paintings of Maharanas and Maharanis of Mewar in this mansion. Mewari dance and Rajasthani dance are organized every evening in Bagor Ki Haveli.

Bagore Ki Haveli Historical Objects

In the mansion of Bagore, Ganjife, Chaupar, snake ladder, and chess of the royal period are present. There is a basement in this mansion in which gold and other priceless ornaments are kept.

Bagore Ki Haveli Museum

1. Haveli Museum

There are murals, ancient paintings, and scenes from the royal times on the walls of the Haveli of Bagore. You can see the private rooms, entertainment rooms, lobby, etc. of the Haveli. You can see the view of the lake and the surrounding city from the roof of the Haveli. Kings and queens lived in the Haveli. Used weapons, jewelry boxes, hookah, etc. are present in the mansion. A chariot is also present in the mansion.

2. Bagore ki haveli Puppet Museum

Puppets and hand-made decorative objects have been displayed at the entrance of the mansion.
Puppets are available here at low prices

3. Bagore ki haveli Marriage Section

In this, all the traditions of marriage according to Indian Hindu customs have been demonstrated.

4. Bagore ki haveli Weapons Section

It depicts the weapons used by the kings and their armies.

5. Bagore ki haveli Turban Section

In this, turbans of Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, and Gujarat have been displayed.

Bagore ki haveli dance show

Bagore Ki Haveli Dance Show timings are 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM and tickets for the show are available from 6:15 PM onwards.

Bagore Ki Haveli Dance Show Entry Fee

Rs 90 per person for Indians
Rs 45 per person for children
Rs 150 per person for foreign adult
Rs 75 per person for foreign child
150 for any camera

Bagore Ki Haveli Timings

Bagore Ki Haveli is open for tourists to visit from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm.

Bagore Ki Haveli ticket price 

The ticket for Indian tourists is Rs 60 per person and for children, it is Rs 30 per person.
The ticket for foreign tourists is Rs 100 per person and for children, it is Rs 50 per person.

How to reach Bagore Ki Haveli?

Bagore Ki Haveli is located in the old city of Udaipur, within a radius of 1.5 km from the city center. Maharana Pratap Airport is the nearest airport to Haveli which is 23.3 km away and Udaipur Railway Station is the nearest railway station which is 2.4 km away from Haveli.

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