Tanot Mata Temple Jaisalmer Rajasthan India 2021

The temple of Tanot Mata Temple is located near the Indo-Pakistan border, about one hundred and thirty kilometres from the Jaisalmer district in the state of Rajasthan.

Tanot Mata Temple Jaisalmer Rajasthan India

Tanot Mata is also known as Aavad Mata and is a form of Hinglaj Mata. Hinglaj Mata’s Shaktipeeth is in Baluchistan, Pakistan.

A huge fair is organized here every year in Ashwin and Chaitra Navratri.

History Of Tanot Mata Temple Jaisalmer Rajasthan

This temple is about 1200 years old. The temple was built by Bhati Rajput Naresh Tanurao in 828 AD when the temple of Tanot was built and the idol was installed.

Since then, the people of Bhati Raja and neighbouring areas of Jaisalmer have been worshipping Mother.

Tanot Mata Mandir Jaisalmer Rajasthan


Indo-Pak war and Mother’s miracle

The temple of Tanot Mata has always been a centre of faith, but after the 1965 India-Pakistan war, this temple became famous for its miracles at home and abroad. In the 1965 war, about 3000 bombs were dropped from the Pakistani army.

Out of which about 450 bombs fell in the temple premises, none of which exploded in the temple and the temple did not even reach, these bombs are now kept in a museum built in the temple premises for the devotees to see.


After the 1965 war, the Border Security Force (BSF) took over the responsibility of this temple and also made one of its choki here. And since when the work of the temple, maintenance is done by BSF. 

It is said that a long time ago there was a bard named Mamadia Charan, who had no children, due to which he travelled to Hinglaj Mata seven times to get children.

When Charan was sleeping one night, the mother asked in a dream whether you want a son or a daughter, then Charan said that you should take birth at my house.

By the grace of Hinglaj Mata, seven daughters and one son were born at that charan house. One of these was Awad Ma, who is known as Tanot Mata.

How to reach Tanot Mata Temple Jaisalmer:-

By Road 121 KM Bus & Taxi Facility available Jaisalmer to Tanot Mata Temple

Near Railway Station Jaisalmer125 KM

Near Airport Jaisalmer Airport 135 KM

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