Braj Holi Mahotsav Bharatpur Rajasthan

The Braj Holi Mahotsav is one of the most important festivals celebrated in the Indian state of Rajasthan Bharatpur district. It is celebrated in the month of March, a few days before Holi – the festival of colors.

This festival is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in the honor or commemoration of Lord Krishna. This festival is celebrated in the city of Bharatpur – the site of the world-famous Keoladeo National Park & Bird Sanctuary. The key attraction of the Brij Festival of Bharatpur is Raslila Dance.

The Raslila Dance is an ancient form of Indian dance that illustrates the eternal love story of Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha. The people of Bharatpur perform Raslila Dance with great zeal and enthusiasm and never fail to mesmerize visitors.

During Brij Festival, the entire Bharatpur is filled with the sound of folk songs and mesmerizes the people from different parts of the country. International tourists also visit Bharatpur to see the charm of the Brij Festival in Rajasthan.

People of Bharatpur (men, women, boys, girls, young old) participated in this colorful and enchanting Brij Festival. Entire Bharatpur is painted in bright colors and no one is spared from being splashed with colors of Brij Festival or Brij Mahotsava.

If you too want to visit Brij Festival or Brij Mahotsav, come to Bharatpur in March and fulfill your desire and explore the cultural experience and colorful charm of Rajasthan, India.

Bharatpur is well connected by road and rail with Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, and other major cities and towns of North India.

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