Kiradu Temple Barmer Rajasthan

The Kiradu temple is located in the Hatma village 43 km from Barmer Rajasthan. Barmer is called a stronghold of Dhoro. Kiradu is called Khajuraho of Rajasthan, this Kiradu temple built in South Indian style is world-famous for its architecture.

The artistic design of a series of ruined five temples overlooking the ruins captivates the viewer. The place is said to have been named ‘Kirat Kup’ in 1161 BCE.

History Of Kiradu temple Barmer Rajasthan

No facts exist about who built the Kiradu temples. Three inscriptions of Vikram century 12th are available here. The first inscription is Vikram Samvat 1209 Magh Vadi 14 accordingly dated 24 January 1153 which dates to Chalukya Kumar Pal of Gujarat.

The second is Vikram Samvat 1218 AD 1161, which gives a pedigree from Parmar Sindhuraj to Someshwar and the third is Vikram Samvat 1235 which belongs to the Chauhan Madan Brahmadeva of Chalukya king Bhimdev II of Gujarat.

Historians believe that the temples of Kiradu were built in the 11th century and were built by King Dulshalaraja of the Parmar dynasty and his descendants.

There are mainly five temples here, out of which only Vishnu temple and Someshwar temple are in good condition. The remaining three temples have been converted into ruins.

Kiradu Temple Barmer Rajasthan

The largest temple in the series appears to be dedicated to Shiva. This temple built on the pillars reminds Meenakshi temple from the south, while its outer cover has the color of Khajuraho.

The carving of elephant-horse and other figures on black and blue stone shows the artistic grandeur of the temple. The second temple in the series is smaller in size than the first. But here, Vishnu’s preeminence is not that of Shiva. Which is quite rich in architectural and artistic terms.

The magnificence of these temples built in the style of the temples of Khajuraho is made on sight. Although today this entire area has turned into Virane but it is the center of most attraction for tourists. There is a need to research why these temples were built and the history behind them.

It is said that as soon as you step into the ruins of temples at night, people become stones forever. Whether it is a curse, magic, a miracle, or an act of ghosts – no one knows. However, no one dared to know if he would really become a stone when he stayed here at night.

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The city of Kiradu in Barmer (Rajasthan) is buried with some such mystery within itself. It is said that there was a time when this place was also full of hotspots like ordinary places and people were living a happy life here. All kinds of amenities were present here, but one day suddenly the fate of this city changed. And all lost their lives.

Ghost Story Kiradu Temple Barmer 

It is believed that this city is cursed by a monk. This was about 900 years ago, while the Paramaras ruled here. Then a perfect saint encamped in this city. After staying for a few days, when the saints set out on a pilgrimage, they left their companions with the help of the local people to give them food and water and to protect them.

After the saint left, all his disciples fell ill and none other than one potter assisted him. After many days when the saints returned to that city again, they saw that all my disciples are suffering from hunger and they are in a very sick state. The saint got very angry after seeing all this.

Kiradu Temple Barmer Rajasthan

The saint said that in a place where there is no compassion for the sadhus, then what will be the compassion for others? Man kind should not live in such a place. He took water out of his kamandala in anger and took it in his hand and said that whatever is there, as soon as evening it will become stone. He cursed the entire townspeople to become stones.

Then he called the potter who had served his disciples and said that you leave this city before dusk and do not look back while leaving. In the evening, the potter left the city and started walking, but curiously she looked back, and after walking away, she too became a stone. Due to this curse, the entire village is made of stone today.

Due to this curse, panic spread among the people of the nearby village, due to which, even today, there is a belief among the people that whoever steps or stops in the evening in this city will also become stone.

How to reach Kiradu Temple Barmer Rajasthan

Near Railway Station of Kiradu Temple Barmer:- Jasai 18 KM
Near Airport of Kiradu Temple Barmer:- Jaisalmer 200 KM

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