Shiv Bari Temple Bikaner Rajasthan – 2024

Shiva Bari temple is one of the major attractions of Bikaner in Rajasthan. It is located 5 kilometers from Bikaner Railway Station. Local people also know it by the name of Laleshwar Mahadev. Shiv Bari Temple was constructed by Dungar Singh during the 19th century.

Shiva Bari, built with red sandstone stones, is a magnificent spectacle of temple architecture. The main features of Shiva Bari Temple are its pavilion, dome, and beautiful pillars.

The Shiva Bari temple is surrounded by a large stone wall from which this temple gets a different and quiet character. The main attraction of the Shiva Bari temple is the statue of Lord Shiva made of marble. This temple has a bronze statue of the holy Nandi living with Lord Shiva.

There are two sparrows in the Shiva Bari temple of Bikaner. The outer part of the Shiva Bari temple is also very beautiful. In the month of Savan, thousands of devotees come to Lord Shiva’s temple and worship. This temple made of red sandstone attracts a large number of devotees

How to reach Shiv bari Temple Bikaner 

Near Railway Station Bikaner 05 Km

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