Bhand Devra Temple Baran Rajasthan 2020

Bhand Devra Temple is Located in the Baran district of Rajasthan state of India. the main Bhand Deva Temple is located on the edge of a pond in the heart of Ramgarh, 4 km wide, about 25 km from the city of Baran, which was possibly made by a meteor.

Shiva Temple (Bhand Devara) Ramgarh Baran Rajasthan

It is situated near the Ramgarh village of East Rajasthan, Mangrol, Baran district.

The main Shiva temple was constructed in the style of the monuments of the Khajuraho group and it is known as ‘Little Khajuraho’.

The hight of more than 750 stairs is located in a cave on the Ramgarh hill and there are two related temples dedicated to Goddess Kisheni and Annapurna Devi. (Annapurna Devi).


It is said that the stairs were constructed by Jamil (or Zalim) Lion (descendants of Madhu Singh I), who ruled the Jhalawar state from 1771 to British intervention in 1871.

During the Kartik Purnima (Kartik Purnima)) a fair is organized in this temple to worship two Goddesses.

This site is now protected by the State Archeology Department.

An inscription on a plaque on the site records the history of the main Shiva temple:

History of Bhand Devra Temple Baran Rajasthan

this Temple dedicated to the Tantric tradition of Shaivism is a remarkable example of the temple of the Nagar-style.

As inscription state, it was built in the 10th century as a tribute to King Malaya Verma of Nag Varga as a memorial of his victory over his enemies and thanking Lord Shiva, whom he respected Was kept in.

1162 AD With the passage of time, this building was renewed by the King of Maid Dynasty, Trisna Verma. 

Visitors’ hall in the temple is the vestibule spiral and base. In the hall of the audience, there are eight huge pillars along with the picture of Yaksa, Kinnar Kichak Vidyadhar Deities, and Devi Apsaras and Abstract Joints. “

How to reach Bhand Devara Temple Baran Rajasthan

Near Railway Station Of Bhand Devara: -Baran 25 KM
Bus & Taxi Available Baran to  Bhand Devara

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