Barmer Fort Rajasthan India

Barmer fort located in the Barmer district of Rajasthan state is one of the most famous tourist attractions. Barmer Fort is situated on the top of a rocky hill, which has been witness to many historical events.

History Of Barmer Fort Rajasthan

Barmer Fort was built in 1552 AD by Rawat Bhima in the present city of Barmer when he shifted his capital from Juna to Barmer. He built a fort at the top of the city, also known as Barmer Gir.

Located at an altitude of 1383 feet above the fort is the top point of the hill, but Rawat Bhima built the fort at an altitude of 676 feet which is a safer place than the hilltop.

The main entrance of the fort is in the north direction, the security berg is in the east and west direction.

Barmer Fort Rajasthan 

You will find many temples around the fort, two of these temples being the most famous; At the top of the hill is the temple of Jogmaya Devi (Garh Temple) which is situated at an altitude of 1383 and Nagnachi Mata Temple at an altitude of 500 feet.

Both temples are very famous. Festivals are organized here during the Navratri festival. The remaining area is the residence of the former royal family of Barmer. 

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Barmer Fort is now in a dilapidated condition but still attracts a lot of tourists and still retains its pride and is a major attraction among the visiting tourists.

Entrance Fee of Barmer Fort 

All tourists have to pay a nominal fee to go inside the fort. The best time to visit Barmer Fort is from October to March. Summers are hot, while winter is pleasant during the day, but cool at night.
Domestic tourists: Rs. 20 / –
Domestic Tourist Children: Rs. 10 / –
Foreigner: Rs. 100 / –              

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