Interesting Facts about Churu Fort Rajasthan

However, all the fortresses of Rajasthan are famous all over the world. but Churu fort Rajasthan has a different story. Churu fort is the only fort in the world, where silver shells were pressed when the ammunition was over for the protection of freedom.

 The fort of Churu fort made by Thakur Kushal Singh in 1694 AD. The objective of building this fort was to protect the citizens in self-defence.

History Of Churu fort Rajasthan

This well-known incident took place during the time of Thakur Shivji Singh, the descendants of Thakur Kushal Singh. This incident happened in August 1814 AD in Churu’s immortal history.

When Thakur was ruled by Shivaji Singh on Churu He was a self-respecting ruler. At the same time, the princely state of Bikaner was ruled by Maharaj Surat Singh.

Surat Singh was an ambitious ruler. The ones which were often disputed with Shivji Singh According to well-known historian Colonel Todd, Shivaji Singh’s army was 200 infantry and 200 horsemen.

But there was a sudden increase in the time of the war Because the people here gave their ruler tan, mind, and money.

Know about what happened in August 1814 when the ruler of Bikaner Surat Singh took his army and climbed the Churu.


The matter of August 1814 is a matter of controversy over the matter of Bikaner’s ruler Surat Singh and Churu princely states. Bikaner’s ruler Surat Singh climbed Churu. Thakur Shivji Singh fiercely attacked the enemy, but after a few days, rounds and ammunition were over them.

Thereby Thakur Shivji Singh was disappointed. But the public and the traders gave it their financial support and gave their gold and silver to the king to protect their kingdom.

After that silver, shells were made, and later Shivaji Singh responded to the enemies and attacked the enemy with silver balls. By which the enemies stood

How to reach Churu Fort Churu Rajasthan

Near Railway Station of Churu Fort: Churu Junction 2 KM
Near Airport of Churu Fort: Jaipur 220 KM

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