Shergarh Fort Baran Rajasthan

Shergarh Fort is located in the Shergarh town of the Baran district of Rajasthan state, it is an important tourist place in the Baran district. Shergarh fort was built on the Koshvardhan mountain peak by the Shershah.

Sher Shah named this fort Shergarh. Certain information about the builders of the fort can not be found. From Akbar’s reign till 1713 AD the fort remained under the control of the Mughals.

Mughal Emperor Fakhrussiar gave it to Kota Maharaja Bhim Singh. Jhala Jhalamsingh made the restoration of Shergarh and built the castle and other buildings in the fort. The building that he built for his living is famous as the Haveli.

Jhalamsingh gave shelter to Amir Khan Pindari in this fort. There are Somnath Mahadev, Lakshminarayan Temple, Durga Mandir, and Charbhuja Temple in Shergarh Fort.

The magnificent Rajaprasad, the haveli mansion, the palace of Amir Khan, the houses of soldiers, the granaries, etc. glorify the magnificence of Shergarh.

History Of Shergarh fort Rajasthan

In the 1540 war between Humayun and Sher Shah Suri, Humayun was defeated. Consequently, Suri became the power of Delhi power.

He built a fort near Delhi which is currently known as the fort of Shergarh. When Humayun took over Delhi again, his attention also went towards this fort. 


Sher Shah used the fort of Shergarh as his military camp to control the activities of the Hada rulers of the Bundi.

He built many buildings The two rulers had made significant contributions to the development of this fort. It is said that Humayun died due to falling off the fort. The tomb of Humayun is situated in this fort.

During the revolution of 1857, the princes of the Mughal emperor were hidden in the tomb of Humayun. But he could not escape Captain Hudson and he was imprisoned in Rangoon jail.

The fort of Shergarh is passing through bad times today. Due to the administration not paying attention to its maintenance and repair, it is counting its last period on the verge of ending.

Located at a distance of 10 km from Chanari, and 60 km from Sasaram, Shergarh fort is situated on the 800 feet high mountain hills, Durgavati rises to the banks of the river.

The fort of Shergarh is spread over 6 square miles of land. Through the fort, we get through Guptadham and Sitakunda.

There were eight big turrets in the fort, out of which only five are Near the fort there is a pond named Rani Pokhra. Prior to the name given by the Sher Shah, this fort is known as the fort of Bhurkunda.

Information about the history of Shergarh is known in the periodicals-e-Sher Shahi and ‘Tabak-e-Akbari in these two Mughal books. According to Francis Buchanan, there was a massive massacre.

For this reason, this fort was cursed and abandoned. Since then no ruler has been here and it has turned into a deserted fort, which is on the verge of becoming a ruin today.

How to reach Shergarh Fort Baran Rajasthan

Near Railway Station Baran 60KM
Bas & Taxi Facility available Baran To Shergarh fort  

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