Devnarayan Mandir Asind, Bhilwara Rajasthan

Lord Devnarayan Mandir or Sawai Bhoj Temple is located in Malaseri Dungri the city of Asind in the Bhilwara district of Rajasthan state. This temple of Lord Devnarayan Mandir is also known as Sawai Bhoj Temple Lord Devnarayan is the adorable god of Gurjar.

Devnarayan was a folk god and a warrior from Rajasthan. They are the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. His worship is mainly in Rajasthan, Haryana, and Madhya Pradesh. Their grand temple is in Aasind.

Devnarayan Mandir Asind Bhilwara Rajasthan

Devnarayan was a descendant of the Bagdawat dynasty. They were the Nag Vanshiya Gurjar, whose original place is currently the Nag mountain near Ajmer.

The Gurjar caste is said to be one of the organized, cultured heroes of the castes, whose history has glorious history from the beginning.

Through the folk tales prevailing in society, the information about the courage of the Gurgaar caste – men, gets detailed information about Devnarayan.

In Devnarayan Mahagatha they are related to the Chauhan dynasty. According to Devnarayan’s hoard, there were 24 sons of Mandarji’s Hiraram, Hiraram’s Baag Singh, and Bagha Singh, who were called Bagdawat.

In the form of Son of Big Brother Sawai Bhoj and Mata Saadu (Sedu)  Shukla Saptami was born in 968 AD (911 CE), the god Devnarayan was born in Malaseeri.

Sawai Bhoj Temple Asind Bhilwara Rajasthan

There were 3 queens of Devnarayana – Pipalde (the daughter of Gurjar Parmar Raja of the stream), Nagkanya and Dastakanya. Bagdawat India to take the of Queen Jaymati (Jamati), the king of Rana, Durjanasal is a war of Bagdawat. Prior to the war, there was a friendship between Bagdawat and durgahsal and he was a brother of religion.

This war happened along the river Khari. The payers had given donations to Rani Jamati by giving their word. Devnarayan’s incarnation was incarnated after the hegemony of the weasels and he killed King Durgasal.

Devnarayan was a mighty warrior who made many struggles and war against tyrannical rulers. They are also rulers. He achieved many accomplishments. On the basis of miracles, they gradually became the form of the god of the Gujjars and started worshiping them as their favorite deity.

Devnarayan is worshiped as a folk idol in the Rajasthan and south-western Madhya Pradesh by Gurjar society as the incarnation of Vishnu. He cured people’s miseries and sufferings. In the Devnarayan mandir Mahagatha, there is an interesting description of the battle between Bagdawatras and the ruler of Rana Bhinai.

Like Krishna, Devnarayan was also the protector of cows. They searched five cows of garbage, which had distinct characteristics different from the normal cows. Devnarayana used to visit Saremata cow as early as the morning.

This cow was given by Rupnath, the master of the booths, to Sawai Bhoj. Devnarayan had 98000 animal wealth. When the cows of Devnarayan surrounded Rana Bhinai’s Rana, Devnarayan fought with the protector of the cows Rana and brought the cows out.

Devnarayan’s army had more Gwalos It is said to be 1444 of the people, whose work was to shepherd cows and protect cows. Devnarayan gave his followers a message to protect cows.

The final time of Devnarayan Ji is 6 km from the Masuda of the byavar tashil. I Dehmali (Demali) situated at a distance has passed in place. Bhadrapad Shukla Saptami was suffering from the same disease.

Prior to his departure from Devnarayan, Pipalade, without leaving the children, had a son Bila and daughter Billy from Pipalde. His son was his first priest.

He gave birth to good by fighting evils in life. Confronting terrorism, protecting the truth, and establishing peace. The help of every helpless Place in Rajasthan – Their followers have built the temple at different places, which are also called Devra.

This Deorre is quite in Ajmer, Chittaur, Bhilwara, and Tonk. The main temple of Devnarayan is in Sawai Bhoja on the banks of the Khari river near the town of Aasind in the Bhilwara district. A major temple of Devnarayan is 9 km from the forest site in Jodhpuria village of Niwai tahsil. I Is at a distance.

This is the most mythological place of pilgrimage in Gurjar society in entire India. Devnarayan is worshipped by Bhopas.

These Bhopas go to different places and recite Devnarayan’s saga through the Gujjar community, through the fad (painted narrative of Devnarayan Ji on wrapped cloth).

There are 335 songs in Devnarayan’s Fad. About whom Has been collected in 1200 pages and has approximately 15000 lines. These songs are remembered by traditional ghosts. Devnarayan’s flame is one of the most popular and largest in the Rajasthan cottage.

How to reach Devnarayan Mandir Asind Bhilwara

Near Railway Station Devnarayan mandir Asind:- Bhilwara 60 KM
Near Airport  Devnarayan mandir Asind:- Jaipur 228 KM

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