Kuldhara Village Jaisalmer Rajasthan

There is one such village in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, whose land has many secrets hidden in it. The name of this is Kuldhara village Rajasthan. the village has been deserted for the last 170 years. And this is a village that had become deserted in the night itself.

Kuldhara village History

The secret of this village being deserted is a strange story. Actually, about 200 years ago Kuldhara village was originally settled by Brahmins who had migrated from the Pali area to Jaisalmer and settled in Kuldhara village.

Paliwal Brahmins used to live in 84 villages around Kuldhara village. It is said that in the 1800s, Kuldhara village minister Salim Singh used to collect taxes through the wrong means. He imposed very high taxes on the villagers.

Kuldhara Village Story

Once Salim Singh’s eyes fell on the beautiful daughter of the village headman and she liked him. He started pressurizing the Brahmins for this. And said that if they tried to oppose him or if he stood against them, he would be taxed more on them.

The extent was reached when Salim Singh, who was in the mood for power, sent a message to the girl’s house that if he did not get the girl by the next full moon, he would attack the village and pick up the girl.

This fight between Salim Singh and the villagers was now for the respect of a virgin girl and the self-respect of the village. A meeting of all the villagers was held at the village Chaupal and all the families of the village took the decision to leave the princely state for their honor. It is said that all villagers gathered at a temple to take a decision. The panchayats decided that no matter what happens, they will not give their girl to Diwan.

In order to save the honor of his daughter, the village headman along with the whole village fled the village one day in the night. The villagers cursed this village as they went so that no one would be able to live in this place in the coming days.

The next evening, Kuldhara became somewhat deserted, and today even birds do not enter the boundaries of that village. It is said that those Brahmins cursed this place while leaving the village. Let us tell that with the changing times, 82 villages were settled again, but two villages Kuldhara and Khabha could not be populated to date.

Kuldhara Village Jaisalmer Rajasthan

This village is now under the protection of the Archaeological Department of India, which is opened daily for tourists in the light of day.

It is said that this village is still in the possession of spiritual forces. Now this village has become a complete tourist place. According to those who visit Kuldhara village, the sound of Paliwal Brahmins living here is heard even today. The voices of the hustle and bustle of the market come, the voices of women talking and their bangles and anklets always come.

There is a temple in this village that is still free from the curse. There is also a stepwell which was a source of drinking water at that time. There are also some stairs leading down to a silent corridor, it is said that some voices are often heard here after dusk.

People believe that that voice is the pain of the 18th century, through which the Paliwal Brahmins went through. There are some houses in the village, where mysterious shadows often come before sight.

Best Time To Visit Kuldhara Village

from October to March

Kuldhara Village Timing And Entry Fees

10 per person as the entry fee for Kuldhara village and Rs 50 if you are going by car.

How To Reach Kuldhara Village

Nearest Railway station: Jaisalmer 

Nearest Airport: Jaisalmer Rajasthan

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