Goram Ghat Rajasthan | Mewar Darjeelings

Located in the Rajsamad district of Rajasthan and situated on the border of Pali, Goram Ghat is a beautiful hill station situated in the plains of Aravalli.

This is such a hill station in Rajasthan that tourists have no other way to reach it except by rail. Goram Ghat station hill station is built in the hills of Aravalli on Rajasthan’s only heritage rail line where you will miss Darjeeling and Kashmir during the train journey.

Goram Ghat is also known as Darjeeling of Mewar and Kashmir of Rajasthan.

Goram Ghat comes in the Rajsamand district of the division, 130 km away from Udaipur. Fulad is situated near the village. After which the border of Marwar’s Pali district appears. That’s why tourists come here from Jodhpur as well as Mewar.

Goram Ghat Rajasthan

In 1932, British Raj officials laid a railway line in the Mewar region of Rajasthan. This rail line connects Mewar to Marwar. on which the Goram Ghat hill station is situated

Only three trains run from all over India to Goramghat. The first train from Marwar Junction and second train from Mavli Junction and the third train from Fulad Junction. If you want to come for the ‘Goramghat Rail Yatra’ from any city, village, or state except Pali, Udaipur and Jodhpur districts of Rajasthan then Marwar Junction railway station will be best for you.

Gorakhnathji temple | Gorakh Nath Ji Temple

After coming to Goram Ghat railway station, you will also find this Gorakh Nath Ji Temple situated at a height of about 800 meters near it, which is an ancient sightseeing place. Here you can go to Gorakhnath temple for trekking. Just two and a half kilometers away from Goramghat, the path to this temple is quite narrow and exciting.

Goram Ghat Waterfall | Goram Ghat Waterfall

Goram Ghat Waterfall Goram Ghat situated in the beautiful plains of Aravalli is the main attraction of the tourists visiting Goram Ghat. If you come here in the rainy season, then definitely enjoy the natural spring made here.

How To Reach Goram Ghat?

By Flight – The nearest airport to reach Goramghat by air is Maharana Pratap Airport and Jodhpur Domestic Airport. The Maharana Pratap Airport located in the city of Udaipur will be the closest for you.

By Train – The nearest railway station is Marwar and Fulad Junction

Goram Ghta Railway Station Train

  • Marwar Mavli Pass Mg (52073)       MARWAR (MJ) – MAVLI (MVJ)    06:29    06:30       MTWTFSS
  • Mavli Marwar Pass Mg (52076)       MAVLI (MVJ) – MARWAR (MJ)    11:01      11:02         MTWTFSS
  • Marwar Mavli Pass Mg (52075)       MARWAR (MJ) – MAVLI (MVJ)     15:22     15:23         MTWTFSS
  • Mavli Marwar Pass Mg (52074)      MAVLI (MVJ) – MARWAR (MJ)       23:15    23:16        MTWTFSS

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