Harshat Mata Temple Abhaneri Rajasthan

Harshat Mata temple Situated on the Jaipur-Agra National Highway (NH-11) located in the village of Abhaneri, a few kilometers away north of Sikandra town, called the heart of Dausa district of Rajasthan,

History of Harshad Mata temple Rajasthan

According to information known to the archaeological residues, the village of Abhaneri can be more than 3000 years old, and “Chand Baawdi” is situated in this village.

The initial name of the village of Abhaneri was “Aabha Nagri” (which means the shining city), but in the long run, its name was changed to Abhaneri.

As the name suggests, the name of Harshad Mata was given to Harshad, who was delighted with joy, ie the Goddess of joy and glee from joy.

The devotees who come here say that whatever one the heart with the vow true heart, his vow is fulfilled and he gets happiness. This temple was built by Raja Chand itself.

This easternmost temple located on the double jagati is made in the style of Mahameru (presently the temple is not in its real state). Its tent and sanctum are both domed roofs.

The statues of gods and goddesses and Brahmins have been built on its walls (which have now been damaged). There are also Shiva Panchayat, Hanuman Mandir, and many other temples that are exhibiting the excellence of art.

Cement and lime have not been used anywhere in the sanctum of the temple, which displays excellent examples of Indian sculpture.

Harshat Mata Temple Abhaneri Rajasthan

Stepwell in front of the temple clearly means that anyone who enters the temple, first wash his hands and face, then enter the temple. And this is also the culture of our country that every person who is entering a religious place should have a clean heart.

The temple was once a statue of Harshad Mata made of a sapphire stone of six feet, which was stolen in 1968. Talking to local residents also shows that Mata had already warned about the crisis coming to the village so that the local residents were alerted and used to face difficulties.

It is also heard that during 1021-26, Mohammed Gajnavi broke the temple and its premises and damaged idols. Those statues are still preserved in the temple and the Baavi complex. Later in the 18th century, Jaipur Maharaja had restored it.

Presently, both Chand Baawadi and Harshad Mata Temple are under the Department of Indian Archeology Survey, which has been preserved by the department by creating iron made around it. In addition, boards have also been set up for historic information related to Baawadi and the temple.

The most important thing is that the residents here also know the importance of the estate and the present statue of Harshat Mata (which has been made of stone and cement), the residents here have been established.

How to reach Harshat Mata Temple 

Near Railway Station: Bandikui 8 KM / Dausa 35 Km
Near Airport: Jaipur 97 KM Via NH 21

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