Nakki Lake, Mount Abu Sirohi Rajasthan 2020

Nakki Lake, located in the Sirohi district of Rajasthan state, is a beautiful tourist destination of Mount Abu. The Nakki lake is the highest lake in Rajasthan. Which is located at an altitude of about 1200 meters above sea level. Nakki Lake often freezes in winter. A Hindu deity is said to have dug with his nails and built the Nakki Lake. That is why it is known as Nakki (Nakh or Nail). Nakki Lake located in Mount Abu becomes a special choice for tourists visiting here.

If you go to Mount Abu, the only hill station in Rajasthan. And if you do not see Nakki Lake, then understands that you did not enjoy Mount Abu completely. Mount Abu has many spiritual and enchanting historical temples. And it is called the site of sages and sages.

Nakki Lake at Mount Abu Sirohi Rajasthan

The view of the surrounding hills from Nakki Lake looks extremely beautiful. Boating is also available in Nakki Lake. Sailing in the lake can also be enjoyed. The beauty of the sun can be seen from the sunset point located southwest of Nakki Lake. Which is quite popular here. The view of the lush green plains from here brings peace to the eyes. Hundreds of tourists come here to watch the changing color of the sky at sunset. The lake is surrounded by four mountain ranges, giving a natural enjoyment of natural beauty. The hill islands here are very attractive. Here people take advantage of religion by bathing on Kartik Purnima. An island in the lake has been made attractive by installing a water fountain in different colors, powered by 40 horsepower, whose currents reach a height of 40 feet.

Nakki Jheel Mount Abu Sirohi Rajasthan

There is a beautiful garden on the banks of the lake, where tourists flock to the evening for sailing and sailing.

Nakki Lake, Mount Abu Sirohi Rajasthan
Nakki Lake, Mount Abu Sirohi Rajasthan

It is situated among the hills of Lake Aravalli mountain range, due to which its beauty speaks up.

Nakki Lake is about one kilometer long and 500 meters wide and this lake is full of all the beauty features. Which attracts and pleases the tourists. Tourists can roam on the walking track built on the banks of Lake Nakki and can enjoy a lot of eating in the restaurants built on the shore especially in the evening.

The fountain built by Rajasthan Tourism in the middle of the lake also adds to its charm.

Nakki Lake attracts a lot of tourists throughout the day, but the evening time is special. At this time, the air here has the ability to touch your mind and due to lighting, the atmosphere becomes more pleasant. The water of this lake is also blue in the blue sky and amidst the hills of the Aravalli range. The one who touches the boat is very excited. You will feel a lot of peace in a boat between the fountains of glistening lake water and the music from night lighting. Rajasthani craft goods can be purchased from nearby shops. Marble stone sculptures and cotton Kota sarees are quite popular here. Silver jewelry can also be purchased from shops here.

Nakki Lake, Mount Abu Sirohi Rajasthan
Nakki Lake, Mount Abu Sirohi Rajasthan

How to reach Nakki Lake Mount Abu Sirohi Rajasthan

Near Railway Station – Abu Road 22 KM

Near Airport   Udaipur Airport 185 KM



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