Harshnath Temple Sikar Rajasthan – 2024

Harshnath Temple is an ancient temple situated on the Harshagiri hill of the Sikar district of Rajasthan. Which is located near Harshnath village and is about 14 km southeast of Sikar.

The Harshagiri hill is 3,000 feet above sea level and has ruins of ancient temples dating back to almost 900 years. According to local practice, the temple complex was inhabited by 36 miles in ancient times.

Harshnath Temple History

Harsh Nath Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. A black stone engraved article has been found in these temples, beginning with Sivastuti and written as a legend.

The article describes Harshagiri and the temple and states that the construction of the temple started on Ashada Shukla Trayodashi, Monday 1030 Vikram Samvat (956 AD) and completed 1030 Vikram Samvat (973 AD) in the time of Vigrahaja Chauhan. happened. This article is in Sanskrit and was written by a poet named Ramachandra.

This temple was built on the Aravalli hills and it was believed that this temple was built by the ascetic Bhavarkat of Lord Shiva. Presently this temple is in ruins and the main temple here is surrounded by many shrines and temples nearby.

Many beautiful sculptures and pillars etc. have been found in the ruins of the temple, most of which are safe in the museum of Sikar.

The temple also has a sanctum sanctorum, gaps, a color pavilion with chambers, and a separate river pavilion with ardhamandapa. In its original state, this temple was filled with a pinnacle that is now fragmented.

Even in the present fragmented state, this temple is notable for its architectural peculiarities and the exquisite craftsmanship of the decorative scenes in the form of dancers, musicians, warriors, and kirtimukhs, including statues of deities.

The second temple, situated on a high tower attached to this temple, is in the medieval period and is dedicated to Shiva. Another temple situated at some distance is dedicated to Bhairav.

This temple is built according to Hindu architecture, hence the trend of this temple is towards the east and this direction is considered auspicious. Because the east direction is sunrise.

The construction of the temple has been done according to the plan of the Pancharatha temple. It is connected to the central pavilion called ‘Rang Mandap’. And there are four central pillars that are in an adjacent state.

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The internal structure of the temple is made up of chamberson railing. Which also has a separate place for ‘Nandi’. The ‘Nandi’ is believed to be the vehicle of Lord Shiva and that pavilion is also situated in the same line.

The pillars in the temple are more in quantity and have beautiful carvings on them. While inside the temple there is a standing statue of Goddess Parvati in the middle. On its west side is Panchgatapa, and this statue appears to be a beautiful and lively poetic image.

How To reach Harshnath Temple Sikar Rajasthan

Near railway station of Harshnath temple- Sikar Jn. 23 KM

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