Machkund temple Dholpur

Machkund Dholpur Rajasthan

Machkund  Dholpur Sarovar located in Dhaulpur, Rajasthan state is an important tourist destination. This talav was named after Raja Muchukund. This tank is very ancient Raja Muchukund, the 24th Rajte of the Sun It is mentioned in the Puranas that Raja Muchukund was sleeping here, at the same time, Asur Kalayvan reached here after chasing Lord Shrikrishna, and he woke up King Muchukunda, sleeping on boon, in the delusion of Krishna. Kalaivalan was destroyed at the sight of Raja Muchukund. Since then this place is known as a religious place. There are many places around this place that were built or transformed by Mughal emperor Akbar.

Machkund is called as the nephew of pilgrims.

Machkund-Tirtha is located at a distance of about two km from the Gwalior-Agra road near Dhaulpur. Various small temples and puja houses of Vastu Art are made around 775 AD to 915 AD.

Here every year Bhadrapad Shukla Rishi-Panchami and Baldev-Chhat have a huge fair. In which lakhs of devotees come from far and wide, devotees take bath in this lake and perform renunciation. It is also believed that after seven consecutive Sunday bathing, the stomach sheds from the ear is stopped. Thousands of pilgrims perform the Muchukund pilgrimage every morning from every morning. Similarly, every Purnima is organized in the evening Muchukunda-Sarovar Maha-Aartika, in which hundreds of devotees are included in the devotee.

It is believed that the place in Muchukund, the journey of Char Dham completes. In this fair, devotees from various districts of Rajasthan, along with people from Gwalior, Murraya, Ayodhya, Vrindavan, Mathura, and other places also come. Here also the Saints Saint Shahi baths and then the fair is started. This fair is held on the next day of Ganesh Chaturthi by Rishi Panchami and Chhath. During this time a large number of sadhus saints come with band-Bajans. It is believed that people who have been bathing in the Devchhath on the day of Muchukund lake get virtuous benefits.

How to reach Machkuns Dholpur Rajasthan

Near Railway Station Machkund Temple  -Dholpur Junction 6 KM

Near Airport Machkund Temple Dholpur -Agra Airport 65 KM via NH 44 

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