Timangarh Fort Karauli Rajasthan

Timangarh Fort is a famous historical fort which is located in Masalpur tehsil near the Hindaun block, 42 ​​km from Karauli district headquarters of Rajasthan state. The Timangarh Fort was built in 1048 AD but the fort was destroyed in an attack.

History Of Timangarh fort Karauli Rajasthan

The Yaduvanshi king Timanpal, who was a very powerful ruler in the 12th century AD, had made a major contribution in getting this fort rebuilt again in 1244 AD. This fort has been named Timangarh in the name of the king.

Compared to other forts of Rajasthan, the architecture of the Timangarh fort is unique and attracts tourists.

There are more than 80 ramparts in the fort. The main gateway is known as Jaganpole. Anti-social elements made these fort ruins to extract money and idols.

In this fort, twin wells of Nand-bhojai, Rajgiri market, floors of floors, Tel Kuan-chalk, Amkhas Prasad, temples, horsemen, and living quarters of fortresses are built.

During the Mughal rule, this fort was controlled and ruled by the Mughals. There are many gateways in this fort.

The people of the village here say about the fort that this fort has the curse of a trapeze artist named Natni. It is said that a king asked Nat-Natni to walk over the rope to someplace there and that king promised Nat that if he would be able to do this feat then he would get half of his kingdom as a reward. Will give.

As per the condition of the king, when the nut was returning by walking on the rope, the queen felt that the nut would be successful, so she ordered the rope to be cut.

Due to the cutting of the rope, the nut fell and died after hitting the rock. After Natney dies, Nat dies in his disconnection and curses the dying king that his kingdom will be ruined.

The architecture of the Timangarh fort is completely different from other forts in India. This fort is a unique sign of the ancient history of the country. The most special thing about this fort is that it has five entrances.

There are many stone sculptures on the walls of this fort. Apart from this, pictures of people, cities, markets have been carved on the walls. The pillars of the fort also have many stone images of deities. The fort walls take people back here to their old times.

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Timangarh Fort Karauli Rajasthan

Here, above the roof inside the fort, you can see many religious and geometric flowers adorned with designs. People believe that many clay idols are still hidden under the temple of this fort.

According to a legend, the people of this place also believe that even today Sagar lake located near the fort has a philosopher’s stone, by whose touch anything can be made of gold.

How to Reach Timangarh fort Karauli Rajasthan

Near Railway Station:- Hindon City

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