Nakodaji Temple Barmer Rajasthan

Shri Nakodaji Temple‘s ancient pilgrimage site is located in the Nakoda village of Barmer district in the state of Rajasthan. The Parsvanath Jain temple of Shri Nakoda Jain Tirth is one of the important pilgrimage centres of the Jains.

Shri Nakoda Ji Jain Temple is situated on a beautiful hill of 1500 feet about 13 km from Balotra railway station and about 1 km from Mewar city.

Nakoda Ji | Parsvanath Jain temple Barmer 

There are many sculptures in this temple, including the black stone idol of Jain saint Parshvanath (Tirthankara) which is the major attraction of Nakoda.

The ancient name of Nakoda Jain Temple is said to have been the city of Veerampur, and during the third century, Veerasen and Nakorsan built this Holiness temple. Which is the main faith centre for the Jain community.

The statue of Parshwanath installed in the temple was brought here from the village of Nakoda, hence this place is called Nakoda Parshwanath temple.

This region has been the center of Jain spiritual activities for almost two thousand years. Khedpatan and Mewanagar or Virampur have been associated with Jain historical traditions in this context.

History Of Nakodaji Temple Barmer Rajasthan

The Sri Nakodaji Jain Temple was constructed during the third century by two persons named Virasen and Nakorsan.

But in the 13th century, Alamshah invaded this temple and looted the temple. But he could not steal the idol of the temple because the idol was hidden in the village of Nakoda, a few miles away.

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And after some time the idol was brought back from the village of Nakoda and in the 15th century, the idol of Sri Nakoda Bheruji was installed by Acharya Shri Vijay Himachal Suri who also installed idols of other Tirthankaras in this temple.

Nakodaji Temple Barmer

 A wonderful blue-coloured idol of about 58 cm high of Parshvanath in the Nakoda Jain Temple sits in the lotus position. The life history of Shri Shantinath Bhagwan is displayed in the form of idols.

Several small and big temples are also built near the main temple. Statues of Shri Adinath Bhagwan and Shri Shantinath Bhagwan are also installed on the temple premises along with the idol of Parshwanath Ji.

Full-size pictures of Lord Parshvanath and Lord Shantinath are carved on the marble in the temple. Outside the main temple, two ancient idols of Lord Neminath are in meditation.

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There is a belief among the Jain community that this temple is dedicated to Lord Mahavira. There are many other temples here that are dedicated to Rishabh Dev and Shantinath.

Nakodaji Temple Barmer opening hours

Summer (from Chaitra Sudi Ekam to Kartik Vadi Amavas)

5:30 AM to 10:00 PM

Winter (Karthik)

How to reach Nakodaji Temple Barmer Rajasthan

Nearest railway station: – Balotra 13 km

Nearest Airport: – Jodhpur 110 km

Udaipur to Nakoda Ji 300KM via NH27 and NH 325

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