Rampuria Haveli Bikaner, Rajasthan

The history of Rampuria Haveli (Mansion), located in Bikaner, Rajasthan, is very old, this mansion made of red sandstone is almost a hundred years old.

Which has a different identity in itself. This is a beautiful haveli situated in the narrow streets of Bikaner. Tourists from all over the world come to India to see.

Rampuria Haveli History

There are more many Havelis inside Bikaner, every haveli has a different identity in itself. Rampuria Haveli of Bikaner is famous all over the world with India.

The construction of Rampuria Haveli started in 1920 by the order of Maharaja Ganga Singh, which lasted about five years. After it was completed in the year 1925, the owner of this mansion was the richest person of that time Rampuria family of Bikaner who was a businessman.

Rampuria Haveli is actually a group of seven Rajasthani Havelis. It is said that they were built by three brothers.

The architecture of Rampuria Haveli is worth seeing and the painting inside is worth seeing. The mixture of Indian art with English architecture is clearly visible on the walls of the haveli.

The balconies built in the Indian style add to the beauty of the mansion in the front part, the thin carvings on the stone giving the impression of a rhythmic lattice were first a product of the artwork of Central Asia. The small doors around the Rampuria Haveli are a beautiful statement in themselves.

The stained glass, statues, and arches in the haveli are living examples of European style. At the entrance of the haveli, there are pictures and statues of Hindu deities, while the outer walls are adorned with portraits of some firangi personalities.

When we pass by these serene Havelis, one gets the feel of an ancient European city. The credit for the construction of Bikaner Rampuria Havelis is attributed to a local architect – Baluji Chalwa.

Historians say that Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner was getting the Ganges Canal constructed. Then a lot of money was spent on the construction of this canal, so the Maharaja had borrowed money from the rich merchant Rampuria family of Bikaner when the money was low. And in return, this mansion was given by the Maharaj to the Rampuria family. After which this haveli was named Rampuria Haveli.

The best time to visit Rampuria Haveli is early morning. Because there is no crowd here in the morning.

How to Reach Rampuri Haveli Bikaner Rajasthan 

Nearest Railway Station: Bikaner Approx 3KM 

Nearest Airport: Nal Bikaner approx 25Km

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