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Raniji ki Baori Bundi 2020

Raniji's BAORI
RaniJi ki baoiri located in Bundi district of Rajasthan is one of the main tourist places of Bundi. Raniji’s BAORI is situated in the middle of Bundi city. Raniji’s stepwell is counted among Asia’s main steps. And it is considered to be one of the most magnificent steps of Rajasthan.
Raniji’s BAORI was constructed in 1699 on the orders of Rani Nathavatji. This BAORI is situated in the small garden of Bundi. And the depth of this BAORI is about 46 meters.
Raniji’s BAORI is well-known for its intricately carved butt and shape. A grand entrance has also been constructed to enter this BAORI. Curved pillars and wide staircases add to the beauty of Raniji’s BAORI. Raniji’s BAORI is an all-round and beautiful garden.

Rani Ji ki Baori  Bundi Rajasthan

Raniji ki Baori
Rani ji ki Baori 
Presently, the task of Rani ji’s BAORI protection is with the Archaeological Survey of India Department.
Bundi district of Rajasthan is a historical and cultural city that is known worldwide for its special forts, palaces, and BAORI.
For the first time, the Postal Department has issued 16 postage stamp sheets on the ancient steps of the country. These include Ranji’s Bawdi of Bundi, which is counted among the main BAORI of Asia. Their sheets are released on 29 December by the postal department of New Delhi.

How to reach Raniji ki Baori 

Near Railway:- Bundi Station 6KM
Near Bust Stop:- Bundi 1Km 
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