Battle of Haldighati Udaipur Rajasthan

The historical place Haldighati is world-famous for the Battle of Haldighati between Maharana Pratap and Akbar’s army. It is situated on the border of Udaipur and Rajsamand in the state of Rajasthan. Which is located 30 kilometers from Rajsamand and 50 kilometers from Udaipur.

Haldi ghati is a pass between Khamanor and Balicha villages in the Aravalli mountain range. Which connects Rajsamand and Pali districts. Haldi ghati got its name ‘Haldi ghati’ because the soil here is yellow like turmeric. Haldi ghati is also known as Rati Valley.

The famous Battle of Haldi ghati became a major cause of bloodshed and destruction. The place served as a battleground for Maharana Pratap and it was here that his famous horse Chetak breathed his last.

Haldighati Rajsamand | Battle of Haldighati
Battle of Haldighati Rajasthan

The Battle of Haldighati was fought on 18 June 1576 between the cavalry and archers supporting Maharana Pratap of Mewar and the army of the Mughal Emperor Akbar, led by Raja Man Singh I of Amer. In this war, Maharana Pratap mainly got the support of the Bhil tribe.

This battle was one of the shortest in Indian history, lasting only four hours.

The site of this battle was a narrow mountain pass at Haldighati near Gogunda in Rajasthan. Maharana Pratap fielded a force of about 3,000 horsemen and 400 Bhil archers. The Mughals were led by Raja Man Singh of Amer, who commanded an army of about 5,000–10,000 men.

Haldighati War

After a fierce battle that lasted for more than four hours, Maharana Pratap found himself wounded while some of his men gave him time, and he managed to escape from the hills. Three campaigns were launched by Akbar’s army to get Pratap out of his hideout in the mountains, but they all failed.

No one could get a decisive victory in the war of haldighati Udaipur history

It is said that after the Battle of Haldighat, Rana Pratap continued to attack the Mughals with guerrilla warfare techniques. He stayed in the hills and from there harassed the large Mughal army in the camps. He ensured that the Mughal soldiers would never live in peace in Mewar.

Haldighati Rajsamand | Battle of Haldighati

Later, Rana Pratap got financial support from Senapati Bhamashah. And the Bhil tribesmen helped Pratap to live in the forests.

His innovative strategy of warfare using scorched earth, his innovative strategy of evacuating people into enemy territory, poisoning wells, using hill forts and caves in the Aravallis, continuous looting, looting, and demolishing enemy camps.

Due to which he freed many areas of Rajasthan from the Mughal rule. But time passed and Pratap died in 1597. He made his son Amar Singh his successor.

Places to see Haldighati Rajasthan


Blood fried,

Shahi Bagh,

Haldighati Pass,

Pratap Cave,

Chetak Samadhi

Maharana Pratap Memorial

The battlefield remains in the memory of the martyrs in blood frying. All sites protected by the Archaeological Department of India are worth visiting. Balicha Village is located very close to this place. This is famous for its terracotta craft.

How to reach Haldighati Udaipur 

Near Railway Station Udaipur 50KM
Near Airport Udaipur 60KM 

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