Seven Wonders Park Kota – 2024

The Seven Wonders Park Kota is located in Kota Rajasthan. The world of Kota has become a new identity due to the 7 Wonders of Kota. The historic city of Kota is situated on the banks of the Chambal River. Kota Seven Wonders is the most important tourist place in Kota Rajasthan.

Due to the beautiful location of this park, it has now attracted the attention of filmmakers. The film “Badrinath Ki Dulhania” was shot in the seven wonders park Kota which became very popular. seven wonders Park, a unique park where the seven wonders of the world replicate beauty in one place.

Places to visit in 7 Wonders Kota

The development of this wonderful tourist destination in Kota is a form of the imagination of former Minister Shanti Kumar Dhariwal. By the evening, this park is populated by visitors. The park has lush green lawns and beautiful circuits for walking.

1. Colosseum Rome – Seven Wonders Kota

Colosseum Rome- Seven Wonders Park kota

2. Pyramid Giza
Upon entering the park, one sees a large circular structure called a “colosseum”. It is a replica of the huge sports stadium in Rome. It was built in Rome in the 1970s with space for 50 thousand people.

Pyramid Giza - Seven Wonders Park kota

Giza, a suburb of Cairo in Egypt is replicated in three pyramids as the “Great Pyramid” which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World when moves forward. It was built earlier. It took 23 years to build a pyramid 450 feet high and 43 steps. The base of the pyramid is built on an area of ​​13 acres.

 3. Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal Agra - Seven Wonders Park kota

The construction of the beautiful monument made of white sangmarmar started in 1632 AD and took 15 years to complete. The Yamuna River flows behind this world-famous building and attractive gardens and fountains all around make it even more panoramic.

A sample of the “Taj Mahal” located in Agra in India, famous as a token of love in the world, is built nearby. It was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved Begum Mumtaz Mahal.

4. Statue of Liberty 

Statue of Liberty - Seven Wonders Park kota


The statue holds a burning torch in one hand high and a book in the other hand. The statue was given to America in 1886 by France as a memento of friendship during the American Revolution. This is seen in the form of a beautiful statue of the “Statue of Liberty” in New York.

The statue is made of copper on Harbor Island in New York. The statue is 151 feet high and is 305 feet including the outpost and the base. 354 steps have been built to reach the crown of the idol.

The total weight of the statue is 225 tons. There are 7 spikes in the Taj. Each nail is 9 feet long and weighs 86 kg. Its full name is “Liberty Enlightening the World That Teaches Education to the Independent World”.

5. Leaning Tower of Pisa 

The ground is inclined 55.86 meters from the ground and 56.70 meters from the top. The width of the walls is 4.09 meters at the base and 2.48 meters at the top.

This is what appears in front of Italy, the tilted “Tower of Pisa” for length, which looks very beautiful in the light in the night. In Italy, where this tower is built is seven floors.

It weighs 14,500 metric tons. The construction of the tower started on 14 August 1173 AD and was completed in three phases in 199 years.

6. Christ the Redeemer 

Christ the Redeemer - Seven Wonders Park kota

This idol made of cement and stone is considered the second largest statue in the world. The statue is 130 feet high and was built between 1922 and 1931 AD. Walking forward, another Christ the Redeemer, and the Eiffel Tower on the other side are seen. The statue of Christ the Redeemer is built atop a hill in Brazil.

7. Eiffel Tower 

Seven wonders park kota

The Eiffel Tower enjoys the title of the world’s tallest creation by being 300 meters high. 7 thousand 300 tons of iron have been used in its construction. Many films have been shot on this popular site in the world.

The foundation of the 130-year-old Paris Eiffel Tower in the park was laid by Shode Mars on 26 January 1887. Being made of iron, it is called the “Iron Lady”.

It is pleasant to see all these popular wonders of the world in one park in Kota city in one place. With its beautiful Baradari and Ghats at the other end, the aura of the “Musical Fountain” show to be held at 7.00 pm also becomes visible.

Chhatravilas gardens, zoos, state museums, art galleries, and artistic canopies of Ksharbag which have been built in the memory of the rulers of Kota are nearby for tourists. boating also has different fun seeing the Jagamandir in the middle of the pond.

The beautiful lake of Kishore Sagar was built in the 14th century by Dhir Dev, the prince of Bundi. The entire enclave of Kishore Sagar has become “Shan-e-Kota” today.

Many religious sites are also centers of faith in this enclosure. In light of light, the scene of the glowing Kishore Sagar is no less than that of Paris. Even calling it Kota’s Marine Drive would not be an exaggeration.

Ticket price Seven wonders Kota 

10 RS/-

Timing of Seven wonders Kota 

2.00 PM to 9.00 PM

How to reach Seven Wonders Park Kota 

Near Railway Station:-  Kota Junction 6KM

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