Interesting facts About Shergarh fort Dholpur

The Shergarh Fort Dholpur is located at a distance of five kilometres from Dist Headquarters. this fort is also known as the Dholpur fort which is situated among the mines of Chambal along the banks of the Chambal River. This fort is an important place for tourism lovers and is located just a few kilometres from NH 44.

If you look at the Fort of Shergarh from Dholpur Highway located in the ravines of Chambal, then it easily attracts every passerby from far away. During rainy days, the fort is surrounded by greenery. and If you look in rainy days this fort looks no less than Kashmir.

Shergarh Fort Dholpur Rajasthan

Amidst the rugged and lush green manure covered with greenery all around, the designed boundary wall built during the time of the historic King Maharajas fascinates every common person.

History of the Shergarh fort Dholpur Rajasthan

Fort Shergarh was built in 1532 by Maharaja Maldev of the Rathore dynasty of Jodhpur. After this, the fort faced the invasion of Sher Shah Suri. The fort was named Shergarh Fort as soon as it came under Sher Shah. Sher Shah Suri renovated Shergarh Fort in 1540. Shergarh Fort was used as a military cantonment during the time of Raja Maharajas.

High bastions are built around it. On which soldiers used to guard the fort while being deployed. That the enemy king is not climbing. The fort has two main gates. One of which is located towards the west and the other towards the south. In olden times, people had to pass through these gates to go out from Dhaulpur.

At the time of the construction of the fort itself, the then Maharaj Maldev built Hanuman’s temple here Which is still located today.

How to reach Shergrh Fort Dholpur Rajasthan  

The nearest railway station to Shergarh fort is Dholpur 5KM
Nearest Airport of Dholpur fort:- Agra 70KM, Delhi 28oKM, Jaipur 275KM,


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