Bisaldeo Temple Bisalpur Tonk Rajasthan

The ancient Bisaldeo temple built near gate number one of Bisalpur dam, which is one of the major dams in Rajasthan, is associated with the Ramayana period. It is said that Ravana did penance at this place to placate Lord Shiva. It is also mentioned in Shiva Puran. 

Bisaldeo Temple is one of the major famous temples of Rajasthan which is situated on the banks of Bisalpur Dam in the Tonk district. Which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is also known as Gokarneshwar. The Bisaldev temple has a deeply religious and social significance. Thousands of devotees visit this temple on the occasion of Maha Shiva night.

Bisaldeo Temple Bisalpur Dam Tonk

This temple was built in the 12th century by King Chahaman’s ruler Vigraharaja VI. Also known as Bisal Dev. This temple has been named Bisaldev Temple due to Bisaldeo. this temple is located on the Bisalpur Dam of the Banas River.

The courtyard of the temple is partially submerged in the present day. Before the construction of the dam in the 1990s, the temple stood on the top of a hill, from which the confluence of the Banas and Die rivers can be seen, the atmosphere here is very calm and serene It happens.

Now, this temple comes under the Archaeological Department of India. The temple has also been considered a ‘Monument of National Importance by the Archaeological Survey.

The temple was constructed with ancient Hindu-style architecture and was built on the sacred site of a Pancharatha. There is a Chakor mandapa which has an akhada and portico called Shikhar. There is a Shiva Linga at the holy shrine here which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is built in a semicircular dome, supported on eight high pillars with bells hanging and floral designs with decorations.

How to Reach Bisaldeo Temple Tonk Rajasthan

Near Railway Station – Banasthali Niwai 95 KM Via NH 52

Near Bus Stop – Tonk 57 KM Via NH 52

Near Airport  – Jaipur 152 KM  Via NH 52

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