Bisalpur Bandh (Dam) Tonk Rajasthan

Bisalpur Bandh Tonk

Bisalpur Bandh is built on the Banas river in the Tonk district of Rajasthan. It is constructed from concrete. This dam the thirst of many cities including Jaipur, Tonk, Ajmer and meets the needs of irrigation.

Sunehri Kothi Tonk Rajasthan

Sunehri Khothi Tonk Rajasthan

Located in the Tonk district of Rajasthan, Sunehri Kothi is one of the major tourist destinations in Rajasthan and is also known as the Golden Mansion of Tonk.

Hathi Bhata Tonk Rajasthan 2023

Hathi Bhata Tonk Rajasthan

the historical heritage Hathi Bhata is a major attraction of Tonk. Hathibhata is located in Gumanpura village, 22 kilometers from Tonk district and about 5 kilometers from the historical fort of Kakod. It is a statue of an elephant carved on a stone

Hadi Rani Ki Kahani – Rajasthan

In the golden history of Mewar, the name Hadi Rani is known for her golden sacrifice. Hadi rani ki kahani or hadi rani story is famous in india.

Hadi Rani Kund Tonk Rajasthan 2023

Hadi Rani Kund Tonk Rajasthan

Hadi Rani Kund located in Todaraisingh town of Tonk district of Rajasthan is one of the important tourist places in Tonk district. Hadi rani Kund located in Subhash Colony in Todaraisingh is famous for its stairs.