Ekling Ji Temple Udaipur, Timings, History, Entry Fee 2024

Ekling Ji temple is a complex located in the Udaipur district of Rajasthan. Which is known as Kailashpuri. Lord Shiva is enthroned with the name of EklingJi here. Shree eklingji temple Udaipur is the most famous tourist place in Udaipur Rajasthan.

The temple of Shri Ekling Ji Mahadev is about 22 km from Udaipur and about 26 km from Nathdwara (Rajsamand). Away is located on National Highway No. 48 at Kailashpuri.

In Eastern India, where there has been recognition of trikling – Utkalinga, Medikalinga, and Kalinga. On the other hand, in western India, there is a belief in singling.

History Shri Ekling Ji Temple Udaipur Rajasthan 

Originally the Ekling Ji temple belongs to the Lakulish sect, an inscription dating back to 917 AD. However, in the medieval era, the temple of the present Eklingji was built and its separate method of worship was prescribed.

The present Shri Ekling Ji temple was built very secretly. Built-in stone in Mewar style, Shri Ekling ji is a related and huge temple of Udaipur and Mewar.


Shree Eklingji is the ancient temple of Lord Shiva, the adorable deity, the face of the Shiva lingam situated here has a face (face) around it, that is, Lord Shiva is seated here as a four-headed Shivalinga.

The four faces of Eklingji represent the four forms of Lord Shiva, which are as follows: -The face towards the east direction is identified as the Sun God, the face towards the west direction represents Lord Brahma, towards the north direction. Lord Vishnu’s face and Rudra’s face towards the south is of Lord Shiva himself.

The main gate of the sanctum sanctorum of the temple is in the west direction and in front of the sanctum is a statue of Nandi, a vehicle of Shiva made of brass metal.

Small shrines of 108 deities are located in the temple complex, and Sri Ekling Ji temples are installed in the middle of these temples.

No one is allowed to enter the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, Shri Ekling Ji darshan and Vandana have to be done outside the box. In Eklingji Madir, Shri Eklingji is adorned with flowers, gems are done regularly every day.


Entrance to the sanctum sanctorum of the temple is obtained only after taking orders from the priests and wearing special clothes given by them.

Shri Eklingji is the ruler of Mewar and the main deity of the Rajputs. It is said that the king used to rule in Mewar as his representative. Before going to war, Rajput Shri Ekling Ji used to take blessings.

There was a board of the temple trust in the Shri Eklingji temple complex giving information about the history of the temple. In which something was written about the history of the temple in this way.

It is said that the present Chaturukhi Linga was established when the original Banalinga flowed from the Dungarpur state to Indrasagar. The Rana of Mewar pledged to historical importance many times, considering Ekling God as a witness.

Famous Tourist palace in Udaipur Rajasthan

When Maharana Pratap’s patience was going to break due to the calamities of the calamities, the words he wrote in response to a letter full of his address and heroic inspiration to King Prithviraj of Bikaner, who was still in the court of Akbar and protecting Rajput pride. Even today,

‘Turuk Kashi Mukhapatou, ingot hoon Ekling, Ugai Jahi Ughsi Prachi beach kite’


Maharaja Bappa Rawal, the founder of Mewar, built this temple in the 8th century and established the idol of Ekling. Later this temple was broken and rebuilt. The present temple was built by Maharana Raymal in the 15th century.

There are a total of 108 temples in this complex. A four-headed idol of Eklingji is installed in the main temple. Buses are available from Udaipur to reach here. The idol of Eklingji has faced all around. That is, it is a quadrilateral gender.

At the gate between the stockade and the sanctum sanctorum, the present Shri G. Mewar Arvind has offered a silver layer over the door. The entry of common visitors into the box of the main temple is forbidden. “

Ekling ji temple timings

Morning 04.00 to Evening 07.30 (every day)

How to reach Ekling Ji Temple Udaipur

Near Railway Station – Udaipur
Near Airport – Dabok Airport Udaipur

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