Hadi Rani Ki Kahani – Rajasthan

In the golden history of Mewar, the name Hadi Rani is known for her golden sacrifice. When Mewar was ruled by Maharana Raj Singh (1652 – 1680 AD). His feudal lord was Rao Chundawat Ratan Singh. Who was recently married to the daughter of a Hada Rajput chieftain

But seven days after the wedding, Rao Chundavat Ratan Singh received the message of Maharana Raj Singh. He instructed Rao Chundavat Ratan Singh to stop the additional army coming from Delhi to assist Aurangzeb.

On receiving this message, Chundavat Ratan Singh ordered his army to prepare for the war. And with this message, he reached out to his wife Hadi Rani, and told the whole story. After which, Hadi Rani prepared her husband to go to war. And wishing him victory for him, bid him farewell to the war.

Chundawat Ratan Singh was going to war with his army. But he was thinking about his wife Hadi Rani. In the end, he could not stop himself. And they halfway sent their trusted soldiers to the queen. And reminded that don’t forget me. I will definitely return.

Hadi Rani Ki Kahani

The queen reassured the communicator. But the king sent the communicator on the second day, then on the third day, and reminded the same thing and sent the letter. Dear, I am taking on enemies here.

This is the glory of your defense. But I am missing you very much. The letter carrier must send their favorite sign. I will lighten my heart by looking at him. Hadi Rani got thinking after reading the letter. If the mind of the warring husband remains in my memory, how will he fight the enemies, How will you get the victory?

Then an idea came to Hadi Rani’s mind. And she said to the soldier, Veer, I am giving you my favorite sign. Handover over to your brave commander. But keep in mind no one else sees it. Also, give this letter of mine together. In a blink of an eye, Hadi Rani took out the sword from her waist and in a jolt detached her head off the torso.

A tear stream flowed from the eyes of the soldier. The soldier adorned the severed head of the queen on a golden platter and covered it with a beautiful cloth and with a heavy heart, the battle raced towards the ground.

Looking at him, the chieftain was stunned, he could not understand why the teardrop was flowing from his eyes. He slowly said why Yadusinh. Bring the queen’s sign? Yadu stretched the plate towards him with trembling hands. The king kept looking at the wife’s head with teary eyes. Only Uff Rani came out of her mouth. What have you done Well done such a big punishment for a suspicious husband. I am coming to see you too.

Hadi Rani Story

Hadi wrote in the letter to the queen. I am sending you my last sign. I am cutting all the bonds of your attachment. Now be careful and perform your duty.

All the bonds of the disgrace of Sardar were broken. He broke down on the enemy. He had shown so much heroism, whose example is very difficult to get. He struggled till the last breath of life. He did not advance Aurangzeb’s auxiliary army until the Mughal emperor had left the field and fled.

The credit for this victory is still given in the Yashogathao of his immortal sacrifice to the Handi Rani in Anchalo, Rajasthan.

Due to this, a women’s battalion was formed in Rajasthan Police by the Rajasthan government in the name of this heroine. After formation, this women’s battalion is named after this Veerangana, Hadi Rani Mahila Battalion.

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