Jhalawar Fort | Garh Palace Rajasthan 2024

Jhalawar Fort | Garh Palace located in the Jhalawar district of Rajasthan is a major attraction center of Jhalawar city. Which is locally called the Garh Palace.

The Garh Palace was the grand palace of the kings of the Jhala dynasty. The palace has three artistic gates and palace has four stories. Jhalawar Fort is also a prominent tourist destination in Rajasthan and attracts a large number of tourists.

The fort of Jhalawar was built by Rana Madan Singh and his successors and is famous nationwide for its beautiful paintings which are built on the walls of the fort.

These paintings on the walls of fort Jhalawar can be seen only with the special permission of the officers of the fort. Janana Khas and Women’s Palace are the major attractions here, whose mirror-adorned walls impress people.

Jhalawar Fort (Garh Palace) Jhalawar Rajasthan

The history of fort Jhalawar is not very old. Fort of Jhalawar is a beautiful example of Rajputana architecture which was built in the mid-19th century by Maharana Madan Singh. Jhalawar Fort is the pride of the city of Jhalawar.

The special thing about this fort is that it is as beautiful inside as it is from outside. In 1921, Raja Bhavani Singh built a theater in the rear of the palace. The European opera style has been given special attention in its construction.

How to reach Jhalawar fort Jhalwar Rajasthan

Near Railway station – Jhalawar Rajasthan

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