Know About Juna Mahal Dungarpur

Juna Mahal is a famous tourist destination built on the slope of Dhanmata hill in the Dungarpur district of Rajasthan state of India. And is one of the major tourist destinations of Dungarpur. The seven-story Juna Mahal, made of white stones, is about 450 years old. Juna Mahal is also called ‘Purana Mahal’, ‘Bada Mahal’ and ‘Old Palace’.

History of Juna Mahal Dungarpur Rajasthan

The foundation of the construction of this palace was laid by Rawal Veerasinh Dev on the day of Vikram Samvat 1939 Kartik Shukla Ekadashi. And his son Rawal Bhachund understood the usefulness of the Juna Mahal and shifted the capital to Vikram Samvat 1365.

After which this palace became the center of every activity of Dungarpur state. The foundation of the Juna Mahal was laid in the 13th century, but the construction of this palace was completed by the eighteenth century. This palace is built of Dawada stone and is built on a high platform.

This has two floors below ground and seven floors above ground. All parts of the Juna Palace are connected by a single staircase. Along with proper facilities to stay in this seven-storeyed palace, there was also proper management of protection from the invaders.

This seven-story Mahal Juna is a unique example of a large collection of mural paintings across the country. “Rampol”, the entrance of Juna Mahal as well as the artistic Tripolia gate attracts tourists from far away.

The palace has fine fine fine jaalis made of Parewa stone. Glass, glass, and miniatures were used in the decoration inside the Juna Palace. The walls and roofs of the palace have carvings of the history of Dungarpur and portraits of persons who were kings between the 16th and 18th centuries.

And the adorable jade of green-blue Parewa stone, attractive archway, artistic stone pillars enhance the beauty of the palace.

In this palace, only those guests can come who stay in Uday Vilas Mahal.

How to reach Juna mahal Dungarpur:-

Near Railway Station Dungarpur 5.5KM

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