Kaila Devi Temple Karauli Rajasthan 2021

Kaila Devi Temple is located in the Kaila village of Karauli district of Rajasthan state, on the Kalisil River. It is located on the Trikuta Mountains in the rocks of the Chambal river at a distance of 24 kilometers from the district headquarters.

History of Kaila Devi Temple Karauli Rajasthan

One of the famous Shaktipeeths of North India, the history of this temple is about one thousand years old. According to the historians, according to historians, the Kaila village is presently under the rule of the kings drawn by Gargon before coming under the control of the Yaduvanshi kings of Karauli.

In the year 1116, the King of King Takdhani Mukanddas had arranged for the service of the temple, the responsibility of the security, on the treasury, and regular arrangements of flame and flame. Raja Raghudas built a temple of the mother with a red stone. After that, the work of temple management was done regularly by the local Karauli principality.

There are two statues under the gold umbrellas on the silver post in the Kaila Devi temple. One of them on the left side is something that is sloppy, it is Kaila Maiya. And the second statue on the right is the mother Chamunda Devi.

“Kala Maiya’s Darbar in Chaitra masa see a miniature Aquarius.”
Kaila Devi  | Kaila Maiya Karaulai
Kaila Devi  | Kaila Maiya Karaulai

This Lakkhi fair, which lasted for almost a fortnight in Chaitra masa, attracts visitors from all the districts of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat, and South Indian states. And in the mother’s court demands vows.

Seasonal Day The main attraction of this fair is found in the first five days and in the last four days, in the number of millions daily, the remote pedestrians come singing Languriya with a long-drawn flag. Bath is also very important in the Kalisil River near the temple.

The fair is organized by the Karauli district administration in collaboration with the temple trust and also through the general arrangements for the passengers at all places. It is estimated that approximately 30 to 40 lakh passenger passengers attend their darbar every year.

Kaila Devi Temple Karaulai Rajasthan

During the Cala Devi Fair, the female traveler purchases green chunks and sandur as a symbol of suhag, while the bridegroom’s rituals can also be seen here by the newly-married couple. On the tune of the drum-drums in the temple premises, singing songs of men and singing songs unintentionally, the women cannot live without the scenes of the audience.

Kaila Maiya Karauli Rajasthan

According to religious texts, where the limbs of Sati fell, there was a Shaktipeeth emergence. One of the same Shaktipeeth is Kailadevi Shaktipeeth. It is said that Baba Kedagiri established Mother Shrimukh as a Shaktipeeth after Tapasya.

According to historical evidence and legends, Baba Kedagagi used to perform penance on the banks of the Kalisindh River in ancient times. There was a demon in the caves situated in the densely forested area, due to which the Sanyasi and the common man were disturbed.

Baba came to Himalaya mountain to free the area from the monster, and there was great austerity, which pleased the mother to appear. Baba asked the goddess mother to get the Abhishek from the demons. after time Baba Kedergagiri comes to the mountains of Trikuta.

After some time, Goddess’s mother appeared in Kaila village and killed the demon on the banks of the Kalisil River. Where is seen on the demon’s feet mark on a big stone even today. The name of this place is still known as Danavadah.

According to another legend, a cowboy named Bahura used to take his animals to graze day, one day he saw that his goats were preparing milk at one place, this miracle put him in surprise. If he excavated this place, then the statue of the goddess-mother came out.

The shepherd sparked light by worshipping the goddess gradually spreading the reputation of the statue. Even today, the temple of Bahura Bhagat is situated in the main temple complex of Cala Devi.

In this temple of Mata Kaila Devi, the mobster demands a vowel from the mother for the sadhana of her goal. And Mother Kaila worship Goddess. They come again when the vowel is complete. & they cultivating mother’s sadhana and go away.

How To Reached Kaila Devi Temple Karauli Rajasthan

Near Railway Station of Kaila Devi temple:- 40KM Gangapur City

Distance Karauli to Kaila Devi Temple:- 23 KM

Bus facility available for Kaila Devi from Gangapur city or Karauli

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