Manihara Mahadev Temple, Baran Rajasthan

Manihara Mahadev Temple in the Baran district of Rajasthanis the only picturesque site of Baran. Manihara Mahadev Temple has located about 3 km from the main city of Baran. Statues of Mahadevji and Hanumanji are located in this 600-year-old temple.

The temple is surrounded by various ponds and green trees and is famous for the annual Shivaratri festival. Due to the lake being located near the site of Manihara Mahadev temple, it is the only place that gives recognition to the city of Baran. This is the place that provides peace to the people of the city.

Sarvajan Sansthan Dharmada has been authorized by the district administration as the caretaker of this temple. 

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