Monsoon Palace Udaipur Rajasthan 2024

Monsoon Palace is located in the Udaipur district of Rajasthan state which is also known as Sajjangarh Palace or Sajjangarh Fort. This is one of the most beautiful places in the lake city Udaipur.

The palace of monsoon is situated on the Bansadara peak of the Aravalli hill, about 5 kilometers from Udaipur. Which is 3100 feet above sea level. And Udaipur city does not have any buildings higher than the palace Monsoon.

History Of Monsoon Palace Udaipur India

The construction of the Palace Monsoon was started by Raja Sajjan Singh of Mewar in 1884. But with the untimely death of Sajjan Singh, the construction of the palace stopped. After which his successor Maharana Fateh Singh completed the construction of the palace.

Maharana Sajjan Singh, the builder of the palace of Monsoon, was the 72nd ruler of the Mewar dynasty. Who ruled Udaipur for about 10 years. Maharaja Sajjan Singh was installed on the throne at a very young age.

The purpose of the construction of this palace was specially built to see the monsoon clouds estimate the rain and to employ local people. And it was also an important palace in terms of security. And from the very beginning, this palace has been popular as the best place for hunting in the royal family of Mewar.

This beautiful palace is built of white marble. From the palace of Monsoon, one can see Pichola Lake, Fatehsagar Lake in the heart of the city the surrounding village areas, and the Aravalli hills.

Several feet high pillars built in the palace are designed with floral motifs and leaves. And on its domes are Mewari paintings, this nine-story building served as an astronomical center. It is a wonderful palatial building of Udaipur.


The palace also has a water pool for the same period. Designed to collect every single drop of rain, which was designed to collect rainwater, the rainwater collection system is a wonderful example of the craftsmanship of ancient building artisans.

The rainwater falling in the open part of the fort is collected from the roof over the roof in the double pit by a pipe, which is used in the works of the fort throughout the year. The Palace Monsoon in Udaipur is built at the highest altitude.

Due to this the first drops of rainfall on the monsoon palace itself. In such a situation, the royal family used to visit the Monsoon Palace to enjoy the monsoon.

the palace of Monsoon was named after Sajjan Singh and the monsoon palace due to the monsoon.

Sajjangarh Palace is a beautiful view of Sunset. And for which hundreds of tourists reach here. And this palace is a good place to take pictures.

Monsoon palace Udaipur Rajasthan tickets/Enter fees

10 rupees for Indian tourist
80 rupees for foreign tourists
(Rs 250 per car if you go above Palace of Monsoon Udaipur to the car)

Monsoon palace timing

Time -8.00Am to 6.00 PM

How to reach Monsoon Palace Udaipur  

Nearest Railway:- 11KM  Station Udaipur

Nearest airport:- 32KM Udaipur 

The best time to visit Udaipur is from October to March

Taxis are available from the railway station and the airport to the palace monsoon.


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