Top 10 Famous Food of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is famous for its ancient heritage, palaces, forts, temples, culture, markets, and folk traditions as well as for its local food. The famous food of Rajasthan includes everything from tangy veggie curries and spicy meats to delicious sweets that make tourists lick their fingers.

Dal Bati Churma

Dal Baati Churma is one of the famous food of Rajasthan which does not need any introduction. The iconic traditional food of Rajasthan, Dal Bati Churma is a great favorite not only among the natives but also among foreign tourists.

In Dal Bati Churma, after cooking the bati made of flour, it is dipped in ghee, which acts as a tempering of ghee. Apart from this, to eat with this Baati, there is a pulse consisting of gram, moong, and urad, which is called Panchmel Dal.

Millet Bread and Garlic Chutney (Bajra ki roti Lahsun ki Chatni )

Bajra roti is made from millet flour, it is rolled with hands and baked on low flame. Bajri roti is served with garlic and onion chutney. You will like this traditional food of the Rajasthani people.

Gatte ki Sabzi & Gatte ka Pulao/Khichdi

If you are on a trip to Rajasthan and searching for the famous food of Rajasthan, then you must try Gatte Ki Sabzi, it is said that even the royal food plate of Rajasthan is not complete without Gatte Ki Sabzi.

Gatte ki sabzi consists of small pakoras of gatte which are fried and put in a spicy curry and after gatte ki sabzi is ready, it is served with roti or rice.

Ker Sangri

Ker Sangri is one of the famous dishes of Rajasthan, which is quite popular in the desert districts including Jaisalmer, Bikaner, and Jodhpur. This dish is made by frying beans and berries with spices. It is not that attractive in appearance, but its taste makes you lick your fingers, which is eaten with the famous Bajra roti of Rajasthan.

Rajasthani Kadhi

Kadhi is one of the famous food of Rajasthan as well as of the whole of India, but if you want to taste the real taste of Kadhi then you cannot find it anywhere other than Rajasthan.

Kadhi of Rajasthan offers a combination of tangy and spicy taste which is prepared with gram flour fritters, buttermilk, gram flour, and ghee. Kadhi is a traditional food of Rajasthan, which is very much liked by the local people as well as Indian and foreign tourists.

Methi Bajra Puri

One of the famous food of Rajasthan, Methi Bajra Puri is a healthy food of Rajasthan which is very much liked for breakfast. Methi Bajra Puri is a mixture of millet flour and fresh fenugreek seeds fried in oil, which can also be served with curry/sabzi, making it a complete relish.


Ghevar is a round-shaped sweet dish made of flour, milk, and sugar syrup, which is one of the famous sweets of Rajasthan. Ghevar is specially prepared during Teej and Raksha Bandhan and without this sweet these festivals are colorless. If you are going on a Rajasthan tour and searching for famous sweets of Rajasthan then you must try Ghevar. There are also three types of ghevar, Malai Ghevar, Mawa Ghevar, and Plain Ghevar.

Mirchi Bada

Mirchi Bada is another spicy dish from Rajasthan which is preferred with breakfast and evening tea.
This is a variety of dish snacks, which is prepared by first stuffing potatoes and spices inside big green chilies and then deep frying. Mirchi Bada, one of the famous dishes of Rajasthan, is well-liked by the local people as well as the tourists.

Mawa Kachori and Pyaz Kachori

Rajasthan is famous for Kachori and Mawa, that’s why Kachori tops the list of the famous food in Rajasthan. Mawa Kachori is made from dry fruits and khoya, which is deep-fried, and then dipped in sugar syrup. While Pyaaz Kachori is filled with a gravy of onions, potatoes, and spices. Mawa Kachori and Pyaaz Kachori both are very famous as street food of Rajasthan which is preferred for breakfast.

Aam ki Launji

Aam Ki Launji is one of the famous dishes of Rajasthan which is cooked during the summer season to beat the scorching heat. Mango launji, prepared with raw mango, fennel, and sugar, has a sour earthy taste and is served on a plate. Aam ki launji serves as an extra taste in the famous food of Rajasthan which can be eaten with any sabzi, roti, or puri.

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