Jaisalmer Desert Festival | Maru Mahotsav

Dhara of Rajasthan is known for its folk songs and festivals. The center of special attraction in western Rajasthan is the Jaisalmer Desert Festival Maru Mahotsav called the pride of the golden city of Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival – 2022, which has its own identity in the country and the world, will begin on 14 February. The fame of this three-day festival is so spread that the process of the arrival of domestic and foreign tourists is continuing. It is said that people come from far and wide to see the sur… culture and sun… the unique style of all.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival Rajasthan India

The Bar Maru Festival in the year 2022 focuses on the theme of “New Year, New Hope, New Celebration”.

Maru Festival is celebrated every year in the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan, popularly known as the Desert Festival, among domestic and foreign tourists. There is always an eagerness among tourists about the new events taking place in the festival.

Cultural gatherings are seen in this festival which runs from 14 to 16 February. Here on the first day, a procession is taken out in the morning from Gadisar Lake. In this, tourists are quite eager to see Rajasthani culture and dress. The procession reaches the Shaheed Poonam Singh Stadium via Asni Road, Salmsingh Haveli, Gopa Chowk, Sonar Durg, Main Bazaar.

The festival was duly inaugurated at Shaheed Poonam Singh Stadium. Ghoomar dances are performed by schoolgirls and various tableaux are made. In these tableaux, Rajasthani tradition and costumes are made by children. Everyone here appreciates the Rajasthani dress of these children.

About Jaisalmer Desert Festival | Maru Mahotsav Jaisalmer Rajasthan

Safa dam competition, Moomal-Mahendra competition, mustache competition have made their special identity in Maru Mahotsav. Apart from this, the mashac is famous for playing, clarinetion, and conch shells. Artists from many parts of the country including Punjab, Jammu Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat are participating in the Festival.

The three-day festival features dances and performances by Siddhi Dhamal, Matka Race, Chakri Nritya, Alagonvavadan by international folk artists, Rajasthani songs, and Rajasthani songs, Holi ki Phool, Ras Garba dance, Mand singing.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival Maru Mahotsav

Apart from this, there will be camel tricks in the most special Dedansar ground. These will include competition from races to their adornments. The tug-of-war competition will be held between Indian and foreign tourists.

There will also be events of Dangal, Kabaddi Match, Women’s Panihari Matka Race, Kemal Polo Match, Thriller Air Warrior Drill by the Indian Air Force, Kemal Tetu Show, and World’s Eighth Unique Mountains Band.

How to Reach desert festival Jaisalmer Rajasthan

Near Railway station – Jaisalmer 

Near Airport – Jaisalmer

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